Sunday, February 7, 2016

Chicken with Couscous and Beans

We had a late fast food lunch so neither of us wanted a big heavy meal.  Small chicken breasts with fresh veggies and something other than potatoes or rice or pasta. In my pantry that left couscous again but this time I knew how to make it taste good! I seasoned the breast with Cajun spice mix and brushed it with oil. Onto the BBQ for about twenty minutes total, turning 3 times. The beans were boiled, drained and finished with celery in salt, pepper and butter. 

The couscous was instant stuff from bulk bin. I used 1:1 for water and a pinch of salt. I diced up three roma tomatoes and a handful of parsley. I boiled the water and added it to the couscous. Then I heated a tablespoon of olive oil in a small pot and added the tomatoes to it. I heated them up but didn't stew them. I added the couscous to the tomatoes, turned off the heat and stirred in the parsley. I added fresh lemon juice, about two teaspoons. That made it quite acid but it tasted good. I should have tasted it without the lemon juice to see if it was already acid enough. Next time.

A bit too acid but good flavour. Now I have another alternative to potatoes. Yay!

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