Saturday, September 10, 2016

Cajun Chicken with Garden Tomato Basil Ratatouille

What to do with all those cherry tomatoes ripening all at once? Salt and season a chicken breast with Cajun spice then BBQ it for 25 minutes till cooked through (or roast @325F 25-30 minutes). Caramelize a diced onion. Add a diced clove of garlic, diced stick celery, sweat. Sprinkle a quarter teaspoon of flour over all and add a bit of butter if the pan dries out. Add 1/2 teaspoon chicken stock powder. Cook the flour taste off for a minute. Add lots of diced red and yellow cherry tomatoes, yellow by themselves are a bit too sweet. The pan should be hot so the tomato juice reduces a little and the flour thickens it a little. When it's not watery, add the cooked pasta. Season with black pepper. Stir in chopped fresh basil. Plate and top with sliced chicken breast and fresh grated parmesan.

This was really good.

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