Monday, September 26, 2016

Roast Pork Loin with Broccoli and Beure Blanc

Sunday dinner so Martin usually comes over and lately Julie has been dropping by so I usually include her if I can stretch things. This time I hadn't shopped yet so I went shopping for a roast pork for four but all Mitchell's had left was for an army of twelve. I bought it anyway. It'll make good sandwiches and a stir fry. The problem is that a large roast takes considerably longer to cook than a smaller one and I didn't think of that. I have no experience with big meat. tehe.

I peeled all my potatoes and three carrots and diced them all up. I tossed them in olive oil in a medium size roasting pan so they were all coated. Salted everything including the roast. I laid the roast, fat side up, on a rack in the roasting pan and stuck a thermometer in the center. I put five bay leaves on top of the fat and put it in a 350F oven at 4:00. It was ready by 7:15 so it wasn't so bad. The potatoes were nicely browned after so long in the oven so it was kind of a blessing.

The broccoli I just steamed, cooled under running water and reheated in olive oil with a bit of salt. I promised Julie a beure blanc on it so I heated some butter and tried to whip some white wine vinegar into it with a pinch of salt. As a beure blanc it was probably a failure but as butter and acid on broccoli it was pretty good.

The condiment is Fern's home made ketchup. Made with garden fresh red and yellow tomatoes, how could it not be wonderful? Everyone loved the meal.

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