Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pork Souvlaki

Mitchell's (or your local butcher probably) also make pork souvlaki fresh right at the meat counter. Brush with oil and BBQ on medium high for 12 minutes turning several times so they are evenly cooked. Here they are paired with rice and peas and carrots. Sour cream as a condiment on the pork is really good I've discovered. The Greeks would probably use yogurt. It's the acid in both that improve the flavour. 

I microwaved the rice with salt and oil. I used frozen peas this time because it was late. I microwaved the peas and carrots together and finished them with butter, salt and black pepper. That's it. I was just thinking there must be more to this plate but, no, that's all it took.

It tasted really good too.

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