Saturday, March 17, 2012

Asparagus pork with 5 spice chop suey

I planned to make ginger beef with broccoli but when I took the beef out of the fridge it had magically transformed into pork. Oops. Ginger pork and broccoli? Blech. I did have some nice asparagus so I left the ginger out and used asparagus instead of broccoli. I also made red thai and brown basmati rice with pearl barley and a little beef stock. To round out the meal I had bean sprouts and snow peas.

I put the rice on to cook and got two frying pans out.  I diced an onion and put half in each pan and fried it golden.  Next I seared the mushrooms and finally the meat. The pork was sliced into thin strips and shaken in a plastic bag with a teaspoon of flour. When the meat had a light sear I added to asparagus and the bean sprouts and snow peas to the other pan.  A pinch of Chinese 5 spice in the bean sprouts.  An ounce or 2 of beef stock in the pork and a splash in the bean sprouts. A dash of soy sauce in each also. When the asparagus is done plate the rice with the two dishes either over or on the side of it. I prefer my rice under everything, my partner likes his rice on the side. Either way it was delicious!

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