Friday, March 23, 2012

Laughing Oyster Restaurant

Wednesday evening our favorite restaurant, the Laughing Oyster, re-opened for the season. We are their best customers, not because we go out a lot, but because we go regularly. Owner David Bowes is one of the top chefs in British Columbia so it is always a taste sensation to dine there, not to mention the spectacular view.

I have been pretty proud of my meals lately because I am getting phenomenal flavor from my protein seasoning and sauce.  My mashed potatoes usually have enough salt and I don't boil the vegetables to mush but David's seafood buffet showed me how much further I have to go.  He puts a pan of sliced toasted baguette on the buffet that I always have a few pieces of.  A new addition was a bowl of oil with sun dried tomato and olives in it.  I've had oil dipped bread before and wasn't eager to have more but David came over and said "You have to try this, it is really delicious!"  He directed me to put some of the oil mixture on my bread including some tomato and olive. I was dubious but he's never led me astray before. I loaded up my plate and headed back to the table.

The oil on the bread was amazing. That is the first time I've had an oil/bread combination that tasted like more. The vegetables were perfectly cooked and were seasoned with something that seemed to amplify their natural flavor while adding special notes of it's own.  His pasta sauce makes mine taste like ketchup in comparison. His calamari is wonderful as are the pulled pork and steaks.  He has added a strip of bacon wrapped around the breaded oyster but I didn't like it.  To me the tastes are clashing not enhancing each other. Which reminds me to email him and offer that because he really likes feedback on his food.

Overall the meal was one delight after another. A much needed humility check that showed me how much better my food could be.

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