Thursday, March 15, 2012

Salisbury Steak

Some Angus ground beef was marked down to $2 so I couldn't resist.  I also got a small amount of ground pork and some mushrooms.  First I got out the frying pan I would use to cook the steaks and started browning a diced onion.  When the onion was nice and golden I took it off the heat.  I mixed the beef and pork with my Beef Rub, some bread crumbs and most of the onions.   I fried the meat to well done then put the patties aside under foil while I fried the sliced mushrooms.  When they had a good sear I put the rest of the onions in and a couple of ounces of red wine.  I cranked up the heat and reduced the wine.  When I had a nice sauce I plated the patties and spooned the sauce over them, potatoes and vegetables to round out the plate. Absolutely delicious!

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