Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Battered Pork Cutlet

The company left this morning so it's back to cooking for two.  We went out for Thai food last night, prawns and asparagus, it was good and the restaurant looks over the water. Tonight I felt like white meat but not chicken. Pork cutlets caught my eye.  Coated in corn flour and fried they taste pretty good. Mashed potatoes and I decided to have the remaining cauliflower with the leek flower stalks.  They look like beans there but taste like heaven!

I decided to get creative with the chops.  I put corn flour in a bag and shook the cutlets to coat them. Next I mixed up an egg, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, mustard powder, corn flour, corn meal and fresh oregano. It was too thick and I had to scrape it off the first one to have enough to coat the second but I got them both in the pan.  The coating cooked up nice and crunchy and not greasy so it was a good texture with the slightly chewy meat. The taste was nice too.  I have our homemade ketchup on it.  I'll describe making that when we have some tomatoes to can.

I'm tired.

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