Friday, May 18, 2012


My partner's brother is staying with us so it was time for a rare treat.  We had two more roasts from the deer our friend shot so we thawed one out for dinner. I went quite light on the beef rub so I could use the pan drippings for gravy.  First I seasoned then I seared the roast all round then forgot to put the beef fat on top.  It was moist and delicious anyway. I cooked it to 146ºF so it should be medium rare. I put a little chicken stock and red wine in the pan drippings with a little flour and reduced it while I finished the vegetables.  I poured the juices from the resting roast into the gravy.  Mashed potatoes and mashed turnip, carrots and broccoli buttered and the pan gravy to top it off. A rare treat, we have one more deer roast in the freezer.  The liver was the most delicious part, then the tenderloins.  This roast was mild in flavor and very tender. It was a local deer, I think from east of the airport. I don't know if the local deer that eat my tulips would taste better.

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