Sunday, May 27, 2012

Southwest Chicken on Caesar Salad

This new southwest spice rub is absolutely delicious on chicken and makes a wonderful meal with a Caesar Salad.  The spice rub didn't call for cayenne but it really needs a little heat so I added it to the rub.  I like this even more than the Cajun rub I've been using.

The chicken was done on the BBQ.  Mine has 3 independent burners so I light the two end ones and turn them down to low when it's heated up.  I sear the chicken for about 3 minutes each way on each side to get the grill marks, then move it to the middle off the heat to roast. I let the chicken roast for a total of 25 to 30 minutes total cooking time. I let it rest and cool down 5 minutes so the moisture doesn't escape as steam when I cut into it.  A 1980's dish but fresh never gets tired.

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