Saturday, May 19, 2012

Can't Be Beat Burrito

Again no photos, hopefully one day I'll remember I have a camera in the phone in my pocket. In any case, it started with making really good chicken stock. It tastes phenomenal.  I fried a diced onion to golden then put a pound of ground angus beef in the pan and seared it then turned down the heat.  I added at least 4 tablespoons of  taco seasoning and about an ounce or two of chicken stock.  While that was cooking down I made a salsa with diced fresh tomato, a slice of red onion , a jalapeno pepper (seeds and membranes removed), Italian parsley (my partner doesn't like cilantro), fresh lime juice and salt and pepper. After the salsa I mashed up my 3 for 99 cent over ripe avocados, added some salt and fresh lime juice to make guacamole.  Finally, I grated some cheddar cheese.

A pad of butter in a frying pan and a flat bread on top. When it was hot I took it out.  Not exactly what I was thinking of but too late to change now so I set the dry side on a plate.  I laid a strip of meat mixture, a strip of grated cheddar and a few leaves of baby lettuce and arugula onto the buttered flat bread and rolled it up.  I spooned some fresh salsa over the Burrito followed by a strip of guacamole. A few dollops of sour cream over top, chopped chives to garnish and serve.  It was delicious!  I could taste the butter but it melded with the other flavors.  The chicken stock gave such a beautiful background flavor that the other ingredients really sang. It was the first time my partner really enjoyed Mexican style food, he took the leftovers to work next day!

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