Saturday, May 12, 2012

Madras Curry Chicken

I'm opening the pool and sorting out the deck and back yard so I've been too tired to write at the end of the day, although I have tried to keep the culinary standards up. I have a Panasonic Genius microwave with a moisture sensor and a rice button that does perfect white rice every time. Needless to say we usually have rice when I've been busy.  This was just a usual curry.  Brown a diced onion then remove onion from pan.  Add celery and carrot and sweat them a little, then add the green pepper and finish sweating. Remove vegetables from the pan and put the flour dusted chicken in.  Brown the chicken then add 2 or 3 tablespoons of curry powder and a pinch of cayenne. Cook a bit more then add the onion and vegetables back in and thin with a little chicken stock.  Next add a couple of diced tomatoes and simmer the whole lot till the chicken is cooked. If it gets dry add a little more stock. Serve over the rice with peas, a delicious easy meal.

A simple variation is to use half a can of coconut milk instead of tomato. Vigorously shake the coconut can before opening.  If there are still lumps of gelled coconut try to get half of it.  This will melt as soon as the milk gets warm.

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