Saturday, March 12, 2016

Beef Short Ribs Braised in Red Wine

I've never made or had short ribs before. I've seen photos and seen articles raving about them. They were even featured on an episode of Hell's Kitchen which is probably what piqued my interest as a humble meat that had been elevated. I don't like to experiment when Fern is home so this is a perfect opportunity to try them out.

I was tempted to use the pressure cooker but I haven't used it much so I oven braised them instead. I diced a strip of bacon and fried it in a roaster. Next I caramelized a diced onion. Sweated a couple cloves of diced garlic and finally a stick of celery. I would have added a carrot if I had one. Next I added half a bottle of red wine, about a cup and a half. I reduced it for a few minutes then added a cup of water and teaspoon of beef stock powder. I added the meat, a couple of bay leaves, sprig of thyme and one of rosemary, black pepper.

From the back of the fridge I found 1/4 cup of tomato sauce, I think it was left over from the pizza, it smelled fine and had no mould so I use it all. If I had had a can of whole tomatoes I would have used that. Into the oven at 250F for 3 hours.

When it was done the smell was fantastic. I boiled some perogies and steamed some broccoli. The broccoli was cooled and reheated in olive oil. The perogies had just pan juices spooned over them. The meat fell off the bones and was tender and delicious.  Why did I wait so long to try them? Don't make the same mistake, try beef short ribs tonight!

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