Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dijon Mustard Pork Chop with Rice Pilaf, Carrots and Beans

I marinated the chops in dijon mustard for an hour or so before brushing them with oil and BBQing them. I cooked them on medium high heat for 4x4x4x4 minutes to get crossed grill marks. I didn't get them perfect but there are grill marks. The chops were perfect, moist and tender.

The rice was just basmati rice with a teaspoon of beef stock powder in it. A tiny pinch of salt, pepper, oil and a little thyme. I put that in the microwave and pushed the rice button. Perfect rice every time.

I boiled the carrots a few minutes first before putting the beans in the pot. When the beans were done I drained it all and added salt, black pepper, pinch brown sugar and butter to the pot. Shake it up over medium low heat and plate.

The chops were perfect and delicious. The rice was really good, I'll do that again! The veggies were really good too.

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