Sunday, August 7, 2016

Dinner Sausage

Mitchell's store made dinner sausage, lean and tasty. These are a nice change from the usual. Here I have caramelized onions, removed them from the pan and fried the sausages, then returned the onions to finish. Mashed potatoes have salt, butter and milk. We had corn on the cob a few days ago and it was so good I felt it would be a one time thing. It was. This corn was good but it wasn't super tasty like the first batch. I've found that before. The best tasting of a farmers produce comes out first, it will be fantastic. Once it's gone, the rest is good, just not exceptional. This was some of the best corn I've ever had, but it wasn't as good as last time. I might never taste corn that good again, which would be too bad so I'll remain hopeful that next year will bring another plate of memorable corn on the cob.

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