Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cajun prawns with ginger broccoli

Sorry no photo this time but picture a stir fry with spicy prawns,  broccoli and carrots on rice and you should be spot on.  I was supposed to get snapper but it was all gone when I got to the store.  I was tired of snapper anyway.  I looked over everything and decided to risk the prev froz prawns on special. I had one soupy sole dinner to turn me off frozen fish, but maybe prawns can handle freezing. I knew I had broccoli for the vegetable but had no idea what I was going to do with the prawns.

I started cleaning the prawns, I like to take out the digestive tract and remove all the shell. While I was doing that I thought cajun prawns in a stir fry. So when the prawns were clean I laid them out  on the board and seasoned them with the cajun spice.

I heated the pan with some cooking oil and sesame oil and added a diced onion.  I wanted the onion golden before putting the broccoli and crinkle cut carrots in.  When they were in I added some stock to steam them a bit. When the broccoli was almost done I added the prawns to the center of the pan, turning them when they were half done.  When the prawns were almost done I added the finely chopped ginger and stirred everything into the broccoli with some soy sauce.  I plated the rice and the stir fry over top.

The prawns were good, not a bad texture but they definitely weren't like fresh.  They also lacked some of the delicate flavor of fresh prawns.  So in a pinch frozen will do but they won't produce the best results. Otherwise the dish was quite enjoyable.

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