Friday, April 20, 2012

Ginger Beef with Broccoli and 5 Spice Chop Suey

Time to use up the leftover roast beef.  On the left is Ginger Beef with Broccoli and on the right is 5 Spice Chop Suey.  Under all that is brown and red basmati rice with a bit of pearl barley for extra flavor. I cooked the rice with half stock half water and a little salt. I used two frying pans to create the meal.  I started with a diced onion and half of it in each pan.  When that was golden I added half a carrot and half a stick of celery with a bit chicken stock to steam the carrots.  When the liquid was gone add a bit more oil and cook the mushrooms and add a diced green pepper to the chop suey pan.  When they are done add your ginger to one and a half teaspoon of 5 spice powder to the other.  I par cooked the broccoli in the microwave before adding it and the beef to one pan and the bean sprouts to the 5 spice pan.  If the pan is quite moist you can shake some instant blending flour to thicken it.  When all the vegetables are almost cooked add soy sauce to taste in each dish.

The 5 spice has not been well received in stir fries so I won't be using it again that way. Ginger beef and broccoli never seems to get tired.

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