Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ginger Beef with Broccoli

I forgot to take a picture but a stir fry looks like a stir fry.  Tonight was leftover roast beef, one of my favorites.  I picked up some mushrooms and ginger at the market and got the rice going when I got home.  I started with a quarter cup of brown basmati rice. Then covered the bottom of the quarter cup measure with brown basmati, added a layer of pearl barley and filled the measure with red thai or red basmati rice.  For the liquid I used half chicken stock and half water, added some salt and pepper and put it on to cook.

In my largest frying pan I browned a diced onion till it was golden in some oil with a few drops of sesame oil.  Then I added the sliced mushrooms and browned them.  The meat went in next, which was a mistake, I should have waited till the end to put it in. I shook a bit of flour on the browning meat so it will thicken the sauce. Next went in the carrots and celery for a quick sweat.  Next a tablespoon of stock in the frying pan to make a little sauce. I had the broccoli crowns steaming so when they were almost done I drained and added them to the frying pan.  Add the peeled finely chopped ginger root, I used a piece about the size of my thumb.  Toss it all together, add some soy sauce to season and it's done.  Plate over the rice and enjoy a delicious gingery meal.

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