Thursday, April 26, 2012

Corn flour pork cutlet with Arugula salad

Pork cutlet tonight, a tenderized one, cheap but tasty. I like corn flour on my chops so I mixed up 3 tablespoons corn flour and 1 tablespoon corn meal.  To that I added salt, pepper, fresh oregano and fresh marjoram.  I dredged the meat directly in the flour mixture with no dipping in milk first. Then put it in hot oil in a frying pan.  I've found that I can watch the meat change color and texture as it cooks from the bottom up.  When the cooked meat reaches the middle, turn over the chop and finish the other side.

The pork is served with homemade French-Canadian 'Ketchup'.  My partner makes it but I'll document it in the fall because it is such a wonderful condiment.  Ordinary mashed potatoes and carrots and frozen corn. I had no green on the plate so I made a small rocket ( arugula ) salad/garnish with sesame oil dressing.  I thought I could enhance the hint of sesame in the rocket by adding sesame oil to the dressing.  All it did was make it too strong and add a bitter taste. The salad was still nice to eat since there wasn't enough oil to completely overwhelm the white balsamic vinegar.

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