Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Indian Butter Chicken - my version

The chicken I seasoned with salt and Cajun spice mix then brushed with oil and put on the BBQ for 20 minutes. Turning several times to get even cooking.

I didn't have pineapple so I couldn't make pineapple coconut curry but we have loads of sweet fresh tomatoes! I diced an onion and sweated it. Sliced a carrot and added to pan then diced a potato and added it also.  I added half a cup of chicken stock and a little salt and pepper. I diced up 6 roma tomatoes and added to the pan.  Half a teaspoon of curry powder.  Half a teaspoon of celery seeds. (I was out of celery, gasp!)

I simmered the curry down to about half it's volume then added less than a quarter cup butter. Once the butter was melted and incorporated, add one tablespoon of fresh basil then turn the heat off. Serve over rice and the chicken breast.

This was the best curry I've tasted in a long time. I think it was the quality of the tomatoes and the fresh uncooked basil, but it could have been my incredible skill as a chef! Could have, probably wasn't.

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