Friday, October 7, 2016

Salisbury Steak with Fries

Salisbury steak in a mushroom gravy. I seasoned the ground beef with garlic, salt and black pepper, brushed the patties with olive oil and BBQ'd them. The gravy was a diced onion caramelized with crimini mushrooms in a frying pan. A teaspoon of flour and teaspoon of beef stock powder and cook the raw flour taste off, add some butter to cook the flour if needed. Then add a cup of water and bring up to a simmer. The wide pan lets it reduce and thicken quickly. Just before plating turn off heat and add a pad of butter to the gravy and stir in while it melts.

The fries were fresh cut russet potatoes deep fried to golden crispiness. The beans were boiled and finished with butter, salt and black pepper. 

This was really good.

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