Monday, July 30, 2012

Garlic Prawns in Edam Cheese Spaghetti

I was sent off to the grocery store with light and fish as my keywords for dinner. None of the fish we like were on sale and I didn't want to spend a bundle on exotic fare.  After considering the whole meat department from fish through chicken to pork, I settled on prawns.  My partner, Fern, doesn't like cream sauces much so I bought a zucchini and mushrooms to go with fresh garden peas and a stick of celery. I planned to fry the prawns in garlic butter and serve them on brown and red rice with vegetables on the side.

When I got home my partner said he wasn't in the mood for whole grain rice but pasta would be nice.
"I could make fresh pasta and a garlic cheese sauce like last week?"

So I got to work picking and shelling green peas.   This takes a lot longer than you would think!  By the time I got the peas done it was only 30 minutes before our usual dinner time. Partner came into the kitchen to inquire why time dinner would be ready.
"I still have to make the pasta but I could use Barilla pasta and get dinner ready in 30 minutes!"
"Barilla will be fine."

Good, I can concentrate on the sauce. I diced up an onion and got it frying.  When the onion was golden I added the prawns turning and taking them out before they were completely cooked. Next I fried the mushrooms and garlic. When they were done I added some flour and cooked off the taste.  I added a little chicken stock and then some milk till I had a sauce then some cream.  I put the celery and peas in to cook in the simmering cream sauce.  I should have sweated them first but forgot, so it might have tasted slightly better. I put the pasta in to cook.  I had my Edam cheese thinly sliced so I added it to the sauce and stirred to melt it.  When I had a good consistency in the sauce I added the prawns and onions to finish cooking in the sauce.

I plated the pasta and spooned the sauce over top.  It was really delicious and completely different than I had set out to prepare. So the message is, be flexible.

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