Saturday, July 28, 2012

Southwest Chicken with mixed vegetables

I had planned to have a stir fry but my partner was yearning for something different. I decided on Southwest Chicken on whole grain rice with fried vegetables. I got the rice on first, just over half brown basmati, a little pot barley and the rest red basmati or similar.  Cooked in half water half chicken stock with a little salt, onion and garlic powder.  I stirred some chives in when it was done. High fiber and very tasty.

I did the Southwest Chicken on the BBQ, season it, spray with oil then  2 minutes, rotate, 2 minutes, turn over, 2 minutes rotate 2 minutes and all the grill marks are on the chicken.  Then I moved the chicken off the burner and left it to roast for 30 minutes total cooking time.

The vegetables were half an onion diced, mushrooms, celery stick, a red pepper and bean sprouts.  I fried the onion till golden then took it out of the pan.  Next I fried the mushrooms till almost done then I put the onions back in and added the bean sprouts, red pepper and celery.  When they were cooked I sprinkled a little flour over all and added a little chicken stock, salt, mixed pepper and paprika.  I stirred in the seasoning and plated everything.

This time I was able to plan a little better and get the chicken and rice to communicate on the plate but the vegetables are still in another car. The paprika in the vegetables and and Southwest rub sort of brought them together but I think the bean sprouts just dragged vegetables where they shouldn't have gone.  I might have had a better dish if I'd thrown the bean sprouts away, another case of less is more.

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