Thursday, July 26, 2012

Steak'n Caesar

My partner fell out of a cherry tree and broke a rib the other day so he wants easy to eat, easy to digest food. Like cherries maybe. He wants a salad and small protein.  I bought chicken breasts but that was too much.  I had one rib steak left, we could share it with a Caesar?  Bingo!

I started frying croutons and asked for a head of romaine from the garden. I was well into making the mayo for the Caesar dressing when I realized I didn't buy a lemon today.  I had limes in the fridge, they'll have to do. My partner came in and I told him I was using limes.
"Glad you told me ahead of time." he replied.

Expectations with food are so important. If I say it is one thing, it has to be at least that. It can be more, but it has to be at least what it claims to be. That's why when asked what's for dinner it's 'chicken' not 'Indonesian satay chicken with Thai peanut sauce' even if that's what ends up on the plate. Until I have it successfully on the plate all I have is chicken. Or in this case rib steak. 

I finished making the dressing and got the lettuce into the spinner.  I seasoned the steak with my Beef Rub and got it on the BBQ. It was a bit thinner so I gave it a minute and a half on each turn. 6 minutes altogether with the BBQ on High.

I must say our home grown romaine is smaller but also much sweeter than what I get from the store. It was a real treat. The steak was amazing, almost as good as Angus beef but not quite.  That's New Zealand Beef and it's competitive with local fare.  I like to buy local but New Zealand is only across the water (two oceans). I can practically see it from here.

So that was a wonderful light meal.  I hadn't thought of buying one steak for the two of us but it certainly worked in this situation. I've gotten the hang of doing steaks on the BBQ finally.  No more shoe leather.

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