Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dijon Mustard Pork Chop with Homemade Ketchup

Originally I went to the store intent on buying pork for a stir fry. I found a couple of nice chops that would do and came home.  My partner asked what we're having for dinner, "Pork Stir Fry" I replied.
"Can't we just have a pork chop?"
So I quickly changed gears.  Mashed potatoes, snow peas, carrots and a Dijon mustard seasoned pork chop done on the BBQ. Quickly peeling potatoes and carrots and putting the potatoes on to cook. I put a pot with some water on to boil for the vegetables and put my carrots in the steamer. I also added some frozen peas to the carrots because there weren't quite enough snow peas.  I lit the BBQ to warm up and spread Dijon Mustard on my pork chops. Usually I cook them in a frying pan but I wanted to try it on the BBQ for a change. The BBQ stays around 400º so it should take about 10 minutes to cook the chops.

I put the steamer with the carrots on the pot of boiling water and took the chops outside and set them on the BBQ. I put the snow peas in with the carrots and waited till they were almost done then took them off the steam and ran them under cold water to stop cooking.  The peas thawed and overcooked before the carrots were done, fortunately not badly enough to ruin the meal. I poured the water out of the steamer pot and put a dollop of butter in.  The pork chops I originally put on medium heat weren't cooking fast enough so I turned the BBQ up to High. Every two minutes I turned the chops so I got crossed char marks on both sides.

I had the potatoes mashed before the chops were done so when the meat was cooked I put the steamer pot with the butter back on the burner.  When the butter was melted I put the vegetables into the steamer pot to finish cooking. Still stuck in suburban standard plating but I did manage to get chives and parsley on the plate so I'm making progress.

The pork was delicious done this way.  I'll be writing up that ketchup when the tomatoes are ripe.

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