Thursday, May 12, 2016

Almost Gnocchi

I've always wondered what gnocchi tasted like so I decided to try to make some. These came out more like dumplings. I boiled a potato, cooled and mashed it and mixed it up with a 1/2 cup flour and an egg. I should have used 1/3 of an egg. So I had to add more flour till I had dumpling dough. I formed it into gnocchi sized lumps and boiled them in salted water. They probably would have been ok if I'd made a decent sauce to serve them in.

I had cabbage, carrot, celery, tomatoes, a jar of roasted red peppers and a couple of pork dinner sausages. I boiled the cabbage to soften it. I fried the sausages then removed from pan and cut into bite size pieces. I slowly combined all my ingredients into the pan. Added a little water and some beef stock powder. It probably would have turned out better if the roasted red peppers weren't expired a couple of years before. They just didn't taste good, which is why I looked at the label again and saw the expiry date. We ate enough that we weren't hungry but neither of us cleaned our plates. The dog wasn't interested. Fern emptied the pan into the garbage. He usually saves everything so this really wasn't worth saving and now I'm moving on the next meal.

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