Thursday, May 19, 2016

Liver Bacon Onions Fried Potatoes with Vegetable Medley

The liver was cut a little thicker this time which produced a nicer result, I'll have to mention it to Mitchell's.  This time I managed to get all the prep work done before I started cooking so it was much easier to time everything. I sliced and boiled the potatoes first then let them cool.  The liver was salted and coated with flour. Usually I forget to salt it first and it never works as well after the flour goes on. I learned after the meal from Food Network Star show that liver needs to be soaked in salted water to take the iron flavour out before cooking. Next time I'll try that. We've both been having irony liver for over 60 years and like it!

I diced and fried 3 strips of bacon then removed them from the pan and added the onions. When they were caramelized I removed them from the pan also. The liver went in, turned after a minute or two and the bacon and onion returned to the pan.

I fried the boiled potato slices in plenty of oil to get a bit of crispiness on them. That worked well and they weren't greasy like french fries.

I sliced 4 crimini mushrooms and fried them, then added diced celery and green pepper. A half teaspoon of beef stock powder and half teaspoon of flour over all and cook the flour taste off. Then add 1/3 cup water and reduce it.

I plated it with a strip of ketchup beside the liver and potato. I cleaned my plate up, iron taste and all.

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