Friday, February 24, 2012

Beef and Chorizo spaghetti

It seems that everyone likes spaghetti the way their mother made it. I think this is part of expectations.  When you say Spaghetti for dinner it sets off a specific expectation for pasta the way Mom made it. Anything else will be a disappointment. Fortunately to get from my Mom's to my partner's I only need to add a can of Aylmer tomato soup(only Aylmer, nothing else will do). Of course I know lot's of Mom's can't cook well so their sauce probably won't be anyone's favorite. Maybe we can change that.

Chorizo sausage was on special and I had just seen it used on Iron Chef so I actually knew what it was when I was offered it.   I tasted it and liked it.  It was half price so I bought it not sure what to do with it.  I decided on Spaghetti, Chorizo is a lightly spicy pork sausage from Spain.

I diced an onion and fried it golden then browned the Angus ground beef.  When that was done I put in the sausage cut into small pieces. In with celery, carrot and green pepper.  When the vegetables were sweated I added a can of Hunt's tomato sauce and one of Aylmer tomato soup.  When that was bubbling I added sliced mushrooms and let the whole thing simmer for over an hour, stirring occasionally.

I boiled up some Barilla pasta, it's the best I've tasted so far but it's not sold here so I usually have to use Catelli instead.  It's almost as good.  We only have 4 supermarkets and none of them carry Barilla, I can get it one ferry trip south or west. Unico tends to be sticky and turn into a lump, but it is cheaper if you're on a budget.

We both liked the sauce but prefer ground pork. So my experiment was successful but didn't lead to adoption of a new ingredient.  I will use Chorizo again in something but not spaghetti sauce.

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