Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Savory chicken with mushroom sweet pepper sauce

I walked into the grocery store and right off the bat found red peppers on less than half price. I already knew we were having chicken so I thought "mushroom sweet pepper white wine cream sauce, yum." So I bought a red pepper, some mushrooms and finished my shopping.

Carrots, broccoli and potatoes again, but all fresh and crisp.  I put a tablespoon of flour in a plastic bag and added salt, pepper, garlic powder, savory and paprika.  In went two breasts, shake to coat and put into a hot pan to sear.  Turn them over and pop them in a 375 ยบ oven for 25-30 minutes.

In a sauce pan put a tablespoon of oil and a diced onion.  Fry the onions  to golden.  I burned them a bit so I decided to turf them but use the seasoned pan to impart flavor. Next I fried the sliced mushrooms and when they were done I added half a red pepper finely chopped. When that was sweated I added a teaspoon of flour and cooked the taste of it off.  Next I added an ounce or two of white wine and a bit of chicken stock. A little salt, pepper and cayenne to season and half an ounce of cream.  I added a couple of drops of white balsamic vinegar to give it a little zing.  Absolutely delicious. This was the first time my partner wanted more sauce on his plate.

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