Friday, February 10, 2012

Garlic chicken ho hum

In my journey to better food I found that there are many more uses for egg yolks than egg whites. I have been saving egg whites as I use the yolks and I needed to find a use for some of them. I defrosted a few whites and whipped them up, seasoned them with garlic  and onion powder.  I seasoned some flour and coated the chicken breasts then dipped them in the egg whites.  They coated nicely but when I put them in the pan the coating fell off when I tried to turn them.  The taste was one dimensional garlic so it wasn't much of a success.

This highlights a consistent problem I've noticed.  Any coating beyond seasoned flour won't stick to the meat but will stick to the pan.  These coatings seem to require deep frying or roasting. Pan frying just doesn't work with a thicker coating.  No doubt there are exceptions to the rule and I'll write about them as I find them but for the time being, I'll stick to flour coating unless I want to deep fry.

For a failure though, this was much better than the unappetizing slop I produced in the past. It tasted good, just not as good as it could have been. I have to go shopping for dinner tonight, hopefully I'll find something really scrumptious.

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