Friday, April 19, 2013

Liver with Bacon and Onions

Fern mentioned liver earlier today and when I went shopping for dinner, liver looked like the best value so I picked up a couple of pieces. I put the potatoes on to cook and readied the carrots and broccoli for the steamer. I started by slicing and caramelizing an onion. Then removed the onion from the pan and cooked four strips of bacon till crisp.  Remove the bacon from the pan

I shook the liver in a plastic bag with flour to coat it evenly. The liver had a fairly large vein in it which I didn't cut out and when I ate it I got a mouthful of chewy. A chef would definitely remove that before cooking so next time I'll clean the organ first. That is the first time I've noticed a vein in liver but in the past it would not have occurred to me to remove it as undesirable.  It's amazing to think how much acceptable has changed for me and food.

I had the potatoes done and the veggies in the steamer almost done when I laid the floured liver in the oil. I drained the veggies and put them in the pan with olive oil to finish.  I turned over the liver and put the onion and bacon back in to heat up. When everything was ready I plated the onion, then the liver and finally the bacon on top.  I like tomato ketchup on my liver so I squirted a little on it.

The liver was perfectly done, a first for me.  The disappointment was the chives in the potato.  I used the older thicker chives and found they were no where near as sweet and delicious as the tender young shoots on the other plant. Next time I'll know, tender young shoots are better. That probably holds true for most edibles.

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