Monday, April 22, 2013

Rib Steak with Mushrooms and Baked Potato

I really felt like red meat tonight.  Since I didn't hit a deer on the way to the store, I bought a nice rib steak for me and a piece of tenderloin for Fern.  Mushrooms were on special so I bought a bag of crimini for the extra flavor.  I decided to bake the potatoes so I microwaved them most of the way then wrapped them in foil with butter, xv olive oil, salt, black pepper and fresh baby chives. I put the potatoes in the BBQ but off the heat to finish cooking. I served the potato with a dollop of homemade yogurt.

The carrots and frozen peas were done in the microwave with butter, xv olive oil, salt and pepper.  The mushrooms I just fried in a bit of oil and a slab of butter. The steaks were seasoned with salt and pepper and BBQ'd on high for 8 minutes in my 2x2x2x2 sequence to get crossed grill marks on each side. 

Fern said the mushrooms were perfect so next time I'll know to scorch them then soak them in warm butter for half hour. We both felt it was an outstanding meal. At $9 each for the meat it should be! Cooking the olive oil with the potato and vegetables was a smart move, they all improved in flavor tremendously. My yogurt has a definite lemony taste which was wonderful on the potato. 

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