Thursday, April 11, 2013

We went out for dinner

A friend is moving to town so the entourage was here apartment hunting and the day ended with dinner at the Laughing Oyster.  Wednesday evening is seafood buffet night and everything is good so I bring an appetite and usually manage to try it all.  Mid meal chef Dave stopped by the table to ask how I liked his new salmon with porcine mushroom dish.  "It was a bit dry, like it needed a bit of sauce to carry the flavor." I managed to slobber rather intelligibly.

"I wondered about that when I was assembling it. I cooked off the liquid so I could top the mushrooms with the bread crumbs.  I'll leave more in next time.  Thank you for such constructive criticism!" he replied with a big smile.

Later, on the way out Dave again thanked me for the comment. I was surprised at how much he appreciated honest opinions from his customers but I also understood from watching "Kitchen Nightmares".  He has the best food value on this part of the coast but if everyone only tells him everything was wonderful, over time his food will decline.  Then business will decline and the chef is left not understanding what is wrong. Constructive criticism keeps the chef on top of his game and gives the customer better value.  So for the sake of the restaurant and the food you are going to eat, give an honest evaluation of the food.  It should be really well received. If it isn't, it may not be a good idea to return.

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