Monday, October 22, 2012

Beef Tenderloin

The plan was to have frozen prawns unless something really good popped up.  I walked past the fish counter, nothing there.  The Angus beef, what's that? Two large pieces of Angus beef tenderloin marked down more than half to clear. We're having steaks!

I seasoned the steaks with my beef rub and sprayed them with oil. The BBQ was warming up for them. (I put a clamp work light above the BBQ which made it much nicer to work in the dark of winter.)

Beef Rub

1  1/4  tbsp paprika
1   tbsp kosher salt
1   tsp garlic powder
1/2   tsp ground black pepper
1/2   tsp onion powder
1/2   tsp ground cayenne pepper
1/2   tsp dried oregano
1/2   tsp dried thyme

Simple mashed potatoes finished with butter and milk.  Carrots and broccoli done in the steamer then run under cold water to stop cooking.  Later warmed in the pot with butter and extra virgin olive oil.

The gravy was 1 tsp flour and 1 tbsp oil mixed to a paste and cooked till it begins to brown.  Then taken off the heat and beef stock added till it's a thin sauce.  Back on the stove and add a dash of Worcestershire Sauce and half an ounce of red wine, some black pepper and a dash of salt.  I also added 1/2 tsp each of ground onion and ground garlic. Simmer gently.  

The steak on the BBQ I did 2 minutes, rotate, 2 minutes, turn over, 2 minutes, rotate, 2 minutes and they're done. If I had gone 15 seconds longer on each sear and they would have been perfect. 

It was a delicious meal, simple and easy to prepare and it didn't break the bank!

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