Friday, January 4, 2013

Leftover Pork Stir Fry

I still had pork left over from the roast pork and also from the rack of pork so a stir fry to use it all up was in order.  When I went shopping I only picked up crimini mushrooms, which were on sale. I had onions in the fridge along with celery, carrots and frozen peas. Looking at it now I see I completely forgot Fern's frozen sweet pepper medley, but I didn't miss it while eating so no harm. The dish is served on a mound of basmati rice.

I started by slicing the meat up into 1/8th inch thick mouth sized pieces. Next slicing the mushrooms up and getting them in the pan first. I cooked the mushrooms with some butter and oil to give a nice flavor.  When they were done I took them out of the pan and put the onions in. Once they were almost cooked they came out of the pan and in went the carrots.  I put 1/2 an ounce or so of chicken stock in with the carrots to help steam them, it also leaves lots of flavor in the pan. The celery went in before the carrots were done and the frozen peas went in after them.  More stock to cook the peas. When the peas were almost done I put the meat in with all the sweated vegtables.

I added a few drops of sesame oil because I forgot to at the beginning, then some soy sauce and a tablespoon of fancy molasses.  It was a bit too wet so I sprinkled 1 tsp of flour over top and turned everything over on it.  That made a nice sauce so I cooked off the flour taste and plated it over the rice. It was delicious and refreshing after weeks of meals heavy on turkey and comfort food.

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