Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pork Chop with Savoy Cabbage

I was breezing through my alternate grocery store's bulk bins and spotted corn flake crumbs.  I had a pork chop breaded with corn flake crumbs once and remember liking it.  So I bought some and headed to my usual grocery haunt. The meat counter only had bone in chops on special, the dogs will be happy about that, so I picked up a couple. I bought a 10 lb box of apples to use with the cabbage and have for fresh fruit.

I got the potatoes on first and sliced up a couple of carrots.  I cut the thick stems from the cabbage leaves and chiffonade cut the remainder.  In a plastic bag I put 1-2 tbsp flour, 1/2 tsp salt, leaves from sprig of thyme and needles from some rosemary chopped up.  I cut the fat off and shook each chop in the bag and set them aside.  I whipped up an egg, a little flour and some milk to dip the chop in.  I emptied the bag of the remaining flour and put 1/4 cup corn flake crumbs in the bag.  I dipped each chop in the egg and shook it with crumbs then laid it in a hot frying pan with plenty of oil.  I seared both sides on medium high heat to seal the meat in then turned the heat down to medium so the corn flake crumbs wouldn't burn.

I steamed the carrots half way then put the cabbage in.  The cabbage was steamed till about 3/4 done then the steamer was held under running water to stop the cooking. I emptied the water from the steamer and turned the burner to medium low. The chops were thick so I rotated and turned them over to cook them evenly. When the chops were about 5 minutes from ready I put the carrots and cabbage in the steamer bottom with extra virgin olive oil. I cored and diced an apple and put it in with the cabbage.   

I had to cut into the bottom of a chop to tell if it was done.  The crispy coating masked the press test and I don't have a lot of bone in cooking experience. It was too pink so I gave it 5 more minutes. I kept tossing the cabbage and drained the potatoes.  I mashed the spuds and added a little salt and milk. The water for potatoes is supposed to be well salted so they don't need more but I never seem to quite get there. In any case, if I may quote the chef at every failing restaurant where food is an issue, "It tastes good to me!"

Finally the chops were done so I set them on the warm plates I had ready.  A dollop of mashed potato and a serving of savoy cabbage with apples and carrots and dinner was ready. I added a few drops of lemon juice to the cabbage before serving. I put  2 tbsp of Fern's homemade ketchup on my chop, Fern dressed his own.

It's really hard to find the bone when the whole chop is coated like this.  From now on I will only batter boneless chops. Otherwise the chops were good. Fern didn't like the cabbage with apples, too sweet and he didn't like the carrots mixed in. Double 'not' on the vegetables, definitely don't make that again.  I think I'll try savoy cabbage with walnuts next ..... year. The mashed potatoes garnered no complaints. Oh good, at least I can boil water!

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