Saturday, November 16, 2013

Honey Garlic Chicken with Ham Fried Rice

I have to keep finding new ways to use up that ham Fern bought. I found a recipe using ham in fried rice so I decided to try it. I cut up a slice of ham, stick of celery, shallot and several mushrooms.  To go with it I decided to make honey garlic chicken.  I bought skinless boneless chicken thighs because they were the best deal and the meat is the best tasting on the bird. I cut up the meat, salted and coated it with a little flour, ready to go in the pan.

I started by sweating the vegetables for the fried rice in rice oil and a little sesame oil and browning the chicken in it's pan. I added the ham to the vegetables and tossed them together.  I kept turning the chicken so it didn't burn. Once the chicken was browned all over I added a clove of smashed garlic and the rice in the other pan.  Add soy sauce to the rice while tossing.  Add a splash of stock, teaspoon of lemon juice and tablespoon of honey to the chicken. When the honey has reduced to a thick sauce serve beside the fried rice.

We have a very good Vietnamese Restaurant in town and the distinguishing characteristic of it's food is that each dish tastes different. That is what I achieved here without really trying.  It was definitely ham fried rice, no mistaking that flavour.  The honey garlic chicken was good, not too sweet and tasted completely different from the rice. The only criticism I have is the chicken should have had a little cayenne for a bit of heat, then it would have been perfect.

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