Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pineapple Coconut Chicken Curry

Finally, no more ham! I avoided pork entirely at the grocery store. I really felt like chicken and I had pineapple tidbits in the fridge so a curry was screaming to be made. Peas always go great with curry but frozen peas while nice, aren't as good as fresh. So I bought a pack of snow peas as well. I had 3/4 of a red pepper in the fridge so I didn't need anything else.  

I wanted to see if I could put this on the table in under an hour.  First I put the rice on to cook and washed the pepper and peas. Then boned the breasts and put the skins on to fry crispy for the dogs. I cut the meat into cubes, salted it and sprinkled flour over all.  I tossed the chicken pieces in the flour to coat them evenly.  I cut up a shallot, took the tips off the peas, julienned the pepper and everything was ready to go.  

I put the shallot in the pan first and sweated it to translucent, then I added the peas and pepper. I added a splash of chicken stock to steam them briefly then removed all from the pan.  More oil and in went the chicken.  I kept adding oil as the pan dried out so it didn't scorch. The chicken needs to be seared on all sides to seal it. When the sear was done I added a tablespoon of curry powder and rolled the meat around in it. Next a half can of coconut milk went in and the heat brought up to a serious boil.  The coconut milk needs to reduce a bit or the dish will be curry soup.

When the curry has thickened add the vegetables back in, add some pineapple pieces and a teaspoon or two of oyster (or fish) sauce. I bring this umami ingredient into the dish to broaden the flavour base. Serve the curry over the rice and take a bow. It took a couple of minutes less than an hour to go from opening the fridge to serving the meal.

This was one of my best curries.

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