Monday, November 4, 2013

Mustard Pork Chop

I originally planned a souvlaki type dinner but I was busy late in the afternoon so I never got to it. Instead I seasoned the chops with salt, paprika and mustard powder.  Just a light dusting, then into a well oiled pan.  The rice was plain and done in the microwave. Carrots and frozen peas round out the plate.  I did them in the microwave too, but I added olive oil and chicken stock so they had some real flavour.

I fried the chops till they had a good sear on both sides but were still 5 minutes from being done.  Then I coated them in prepared mustard (French's in my case but any hotdog mustard will do) and cooked that into both sides.  I did turn the heat down a little when the mustard went on so it browned but didn't burn. I served my chops over rice.  Finally, a plate that isn't arranged like a tv dinner!

I always enjoy this simple meal.

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