Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pork Curry

I diced up some boneless pork chops, sweated a diced onion and browned the pork in the pan. I sprinkled 1-2 teaspoons of curry powder over everything and cooked it a minute.  Then I added celery, green pepper and a can of coconut milk.  I had the heat on medium high so the coconut milk would boil off and thicken.  This rubberized the pork, I should have taken it out of the pan, reduced the coconut milk, then return the pork to the pan and it would have come out tender. But I didn't do that. When the curry was thick enough I added handful of pineapple chunks. They just need to get hot, not cooked. A splash of pineapple juice from the can will perk up the curry. Add more if it's too salty or too spicy. Served on basmati rice cooked with salt, olive oil and a few drops vinegar.

It was really good, I'm getting much better at making curry.

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