Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lamb Chops with New Potatoes and Snow Peas

It was fish Friday but the ship didn't come in so it was off the menu. Right where the fish would have been were lamb chops with delicious written all over them. It took me .006 seconds to decide on them. (an eternity for an android) There was a bag of sugar snap peas on clearance and I picked up a bag of new potatoes. I cleverly waited till after dark to remember to go out into the cougar and bear infested back yard for fresh mint. I chopped up a few meagre leaves and soaked them in a tablespoon of water, another of vinegar, a teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt.

I boiled the potatoes and finished them with salt and butter. The peas I took the ends off and boiled for 4 minutes then finished in butter, salt and pepper.  The chops I salted and peppered then fried in a little olive and canola oil. I did them for just under 4 minutes per side, just over medium heat, and they were perfect.

I definitely have the taste down, now I have to learn how to plate. 

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