Sunday, January 24, 2016

Vanilla Ice Cream with Fresh Apple, Cinnamon Brittle and Raspberry Coulis

I made a pizza for dinner with a crust from scratch and it was terrific! Unfortunately I forgot to photograph it so it'll have to wait till next time. This was dessert. I made the ice cream in the afternoon with a whole vanilla bean, milk, sugar and whipping cream. It started out as an apple. I asked Fern if he'd like one and he said, "how about with some ice cream?"

So I thought about it and I felt like more. So I put a tablespoon of sugar and a small frying pan and gave three small shakes of ground cinnamon into the pan.  I had the burner just below medium heat and the sugar melted quickly. I didn't fuss with it, as soon as it was all melted I poured it out onto a silicon sheet and spread it out to thin.  When it was cool I put the broken pieces around the apple pieces.  A bit of raspberry compote on top and it was a really treat!

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