Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pork Medallions in Mushroom White Wine Sauce

Pork tenderloin was on special and I picked one up for less than $4!  I cut it into 1.5 inch pieces, stood them on end and flattened them.  I shook them in a bag with some salt and set them on the counter. Potatoes were boiling away and I was going to do the carrots and peas together in the microwave. I prepped them as well as slicing the mushrooms and dicing a shallot.  

The sauce started with shallots caramelizing. Take them out of the pan and add the mushrooms.  Get a good sear and take them from the pan.  Next two teaspoons of flour and enough oil to make a paste.  Cook the flour taste off for a minute then add an ounce of chicken stock and two ounces of white wine. Add some salt, pepper, fresh garlic and fresh parsley amd a pinch of mustard powder. 

I didn't taste the sauce before serving it which was a mistake.  It looked delicious but tasted anemic. I'm not sure where I went wrong not developing enough flavor.  Maybe I should have made the sauce in the pork pan while the meat was resting or maybe the mustard masked flavor instead of adding to it.

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