Thursday, May 9, 2013

Angus Giant Slider with Artichoke Potato Salad

The only thing that looked good at the store was ground angus beef for burgers. Sorry, Giant Sliders. We had steak the other day, so red meat again was a bit soon but I decided to go with it so giant sliders for dinner. I picked up the smallest package of meat, less than a pound, a couple of multigrain kaiser buns, tomatoes on the vine and iceberg lettuce. Then back to the kitchen. 

I diced up a slice of red onion and cracked an egg into a bowl with the meat. I tried to add some bread crumbs but the bag was empty so a little dusting and some seeds was all it got.  A good sprinkle of salt, half a teaspoon is about what I used.  Black pepper, I think it's better with beef. Chili Powder, up to a teaspoon and two shakes of mustard powder. I mixed it all up and managed to make 3 somewhat goopy patties.  The third for the dogs of course. I managed to get the sliders on the BBQ in one piece.  I gave them a minute or two extra to firm up before rotating them to get crossed grill marks. I turned them over and did the same to get the grill marks.  

I had the buns in the toaster oven crisping up.  I buttered them lightly then added mustard and relish.  Two thin slices of tomato and some julienned iceberg. A paper thin slice of red onion to give it some bite. The plate is filled out with yesterday's potato salad, so look there for the that recipe.

My Burger stack didn't make it down the stairs to the dinner theater, should have used a toothpick. Next time. Fern really really liked the burger giant slider, so did I and the dogs are still licking the plates. I'll definitely have to make artichoke potato salad again too.

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