Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pork Chops

Pork chops were on special so I bought the smallest pack, which was still too much.  Half of that chop would have been plenty. Anyway, cauliflower was also on special so I bought a head of it too and trotted off home.

I got the potatoes on to boil first.  Then I readied the carrots and cauliflower for the steamer.  I sliced up an onion but wasn't sure what to do with it.  I decided to season the pan with caramelized onion so I put some oil in and the onions. The chops I seasoned with salt first then I put them in a bag with corn flour and shook to coat them evenly.  I ground some mixed pepper on the coated chops and and shook some mustard powder on too.  I got a sprig of rosemary and one of thyme from the garden for each chop. I took the onions out of the pan and put the chops in with the rosemary and thyme laid on top. Then I put the cauliflower and carrot in the steamer. 

I put the herbs aside into the hot oil while I turned the chops.  This released the flavor much better when I laid them back on the chops. I'll cook the herbs for a few seconds first next time. When the chops were nearly done I put the onions in with them.  

Plated the chops with the onions on top. I put butter in the cauliflower and carrot with some salt and pepper.  The potatoes were mashed and butter and milk were whipped in with a fork. An immersion blender will turn potatoes into a stiff, unpalatable paste.

Fern said several times during dinner that the pork was really good. It was well done but not quite dry so it was pleasant to eat. The rosemary and thyme were in there as was the mustard and the sweetness from the corn flower. Fern loves caramelized onions so it's almost cheating to put them on the plate. He'll 'LOVE' it.

It's interesting to note that we didn't have Fern's ketchup with the pork and neither of us missed it. That's probably a first.

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