Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sole with Lemon Almond Sauce

When I asked Fern what he wanted for dinner he said, "Anything light."
That usually means fish but I didn't feel like dealing with snapper so I settled on fresh sole fillets. I had two more cobs of the wonderful sweet California corn and plain white rice to fill out the plate.  I put some soy sauce on my rice but Fern has his plain.

To prepare the fish I cut the fillets in half, salted them and coated them with flour.  The corn on the cob was boiled for 20 minutes and the rice was done in the microwave utilizing the automatic Rice setting. I put the fillets in a pan of hot oil.  The sauce was a bit of butter to brown the sliced almonds then a teaspoon of flour.  I cooked the flour taste off for a minute then took the pan off the heat and added chicken stock till I had a thin sauce. Turn the fish over. A dash of lemon juice, some salt and taste.  If it's too lemony add stock or salt. If it's too savoury add lemon. 

I put a pad of butter on the corn and salted it all round. When I looked at my plate I realized I had a monochrome dinner.  Even a few chives would have helped! It was raining and chives were just cosmetic so I decided to forego them. When I look at the dish now it's appearance really bothers me.  That's a big change in my attitude towards food. A good change.

Despite it's look the food was wonderful. The lemon juice really perks up the fresh chicken stock.  The soy tempers the sweetness of the corn. We both left the table full but not stuffed.

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