Saturday, May 25, 2013

Honey Mustard Pork Tenderloin Medallions

I was planning on beef steak but there just wasn't a decent deal on anything beef, so I picked up a nice pork tenderloin instead. Initially I thought of BBQing it but decided to fry it instead.  I got potatoes on to cook and prepped the carrots and broccoli for the steamer. Carrots went in first of course. .

The tenderloin I cut into one and a half inch pieces which were pounded flat and coated with flour. I salted the meat then laid the pork medallions in plenty of hot oil.  When they had cooked nearly to the middle I turned them over and put the broccoli in with the carrots. 

I mixed up two teapoons of dijon mustared and one-two teaspoons of honey.  During the last couple of minutes I brushed the mustard mixture over both sides of the pork and cooked the bitterness out of the mustard. I plated the medallions with a little home made apple sauce. The steamed vegetables were finished with butter and salt.  The mashed potatoes have salt, butter and milk in them.

Despite it's simplicity this meal was packed with flavour.  My plating is still a fairly messy but I don't yet have the skill to devise a unified whole from these parts. I do know that putting the protein on the starch will not score points with Fern.

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