Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sole with Almonds

Fresh sole is such an easy fish to cook it's almost cheating. Don't worry about the bones they're small enough to eat. Boil spuds for mashed potatoes. When done add salt, butter and milk.  Steam the vegetables half way then drain and finish in olive oil. A simple salad. Same old vinaigrette. Cut the fish into pieces that can be easily turned in the pan, the width of the turner is good guide. First salt one side,(it's thin enough to do just one side) then coat both sides with flour. Lay in plenty of hot oil and flip when the first side is browned.  Toast slivered almonds and place them on top of the fish when plated.  A few drops of lemon juice on the fish just before serving to pick up the flavour.

I didn't time myself but I think this took less than half an hour to put on the table. Why did I wait 55 years to start cooking fresh fish?

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