Monday, April 13, 2015

Eat Out Out Occasionally

We went to the Laughing Oyster for dinner, our table reflected in the window. It was Chef Dave's Sunday Night Family Buffet which is the affordable option for spring and fall. I prefer the buffet because menu items are designed to be cooked and assembled quickly when the restaurant is busy. They tend to be simpler dishes that could conceivably be made by a home cook. The buffet was lovingly brought to life over the course of the day and it has the flavours I can't develop easily at home. I never have room for everything offered.

Fern's second helping with Red Snapper Taco currently under the knife. Also chicken and mushroom gravy, slow roasted ham with apple sauce and Dijon mustard, cooked cabbage beside zucchini and carrots. These were all new flavours and it was all excellent. Even the cabbage tasted really good. 

It's challenging to not over eat at Dave's buffet.

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