Friday, April 24, 2015

New Baby Chicks! Back Yard Chickens

These are 5 Araucana chicks that will lay green eggs when they mature.  They will start laying about the end of September. They are 1-2 days old. They get visibly bigger and appearance changes every day as their feathers grow in. They are under a heat lamp until they have enough feathers to stay warm on their own. That white one is already getting up on the edge of the bin. Chickens are not smart but they are persistent so they will eventually get out if they can.

Back yard chickens are really great. They keep the compost pile in good shape and they work the ground in the gardens. They lay about 6 eggs per week and they are social so you need at least two. A dozen eggs a week is probably enough for a small family. It costs about $4 per month to keep two laying chickens producing so they are a real money saver.

Children raised around farm animals have stronger immune systems and fewer allergies. In an emergency when food delivery is interrupted, chickens keep laying, turning insects into eggs. I don't name my chickens, they are just 'the girls'. They live a comfortable life, but they are farm animals producing food for me. 

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